Company info

MCST-Volga LLC is a system integrator of Elbrus based solutions. We introduce Elbrus platforms into high performance embedded systems market segment where Elbrus shows the best results of computing performance — power consumption ratio.

We offer Robust and High-Powered platforms built on microprocessors Elbrus-2c+, Elbrus-4c and  CPI south bridge developed in AO MCST. Platforms run board support packages LBSP 5.0 and LBSP 7.0, developed by MCST-Volga using MCST toolchain.

We offer software development and support services for offered products and consulting services on their introduction in industry.
Potential clients can access Elbrus demo-zone after registration.
MCST-Volga LLC is a subsidiary of AO MCST.


We are faithful to Elbrus microprocessors and MCST south bridges. Our aim to build perfect embedded solutions on them. Reliability and quality of hardware and software, availability and skills of support are the drivers that provide MCST the road of a great
company, same as Kontron or Caterpillar.