ISUM Where High Performance Computing Flies, Proceedings  Volume 5, 1st Edition 2014, p.38

Evgeniy Kravtsunov, Timur Mustafin, Andrei Tchernykh, Valery Perekatov, Alexander Drozdov «Application of an Adaptive Inversion Frequencies Algorithm for Router Bandwidth Improvement»



Proceedings of the Spring/Summer Young Researchers’ Colloquium on Software Engineering. Experience of Building and Deployment Debian on Elbrus Architecture

Andrey Kuyan, Sergey Gusev, Andrey Kozlov, Zhanibek Kaimuldenov, Evgeny Kravtsunov



The 12th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT Oulu, Finland

Evgeniy Kravtsunov, Andrey Kuyan, Sergey Radchenko, Andrey Kozlov “Linux Kernei Drivers for I2C-manageable High Precision Power Source Based on ISL22317 and PCA9536 chips”

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