System installation

Getting image

The installation system image can be downloaded from the following link:

Installing software components on an empty computer

The following operations must be performed to install the OS:

  1. When using an external USB-drive: Connect the drive to the computer.
  2. Turn the power on.
  3. Insert the CD / DVD bootable disk into the drive.
  4. Perform a restart.
  5. Wait for the boot loader messages, and pressing the Space key to cancel the possible startup.
  6. Press the d key to determine the number of ATAPI device.
  7. Press button c and set the boot parameters, as follows:
    • drive_numbernumber defined ATAPI device
    • partition_number0
    • command_stringconsole=tty0 consoleblank=0 ;
    • filenamedeb.img
    • initrddeb.rd
    • To initiate the download by p button
    • Leave the rest of the default settings by pressing the Enter key
    • To continue follow the dialogue. The procedure for selecting parameter setting has an intuitive interface.
Initial setup

Network configuration

To install a wired connection a static IP-address for the eth0 interface should be set, for example:

ifconfig eth0 up

DHCP can be configured after installing dhcpcd in the following way (this can be done after connecting repositories, see below):

apt-get install dhcpcd

dhcpcd eth0

Connecting repositories

To connect additional repositories one should edit /etc/apt/sources.list file and add the following lines:

deb lenny main
deb lenny-updates updates

Next, the repository list should be updated using the following command:

apt-get update

If repository key is needed it can be imported in the following way:

gpg   – – keyserver   – – recv-keys KEY

Package management

Package management is carried out using  apt. For more information, refer to the man apt.

Download “System installation.pdf”.